April: Wellness

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I am finally recovered from the migraine of all migraines and have got caught up on life and with that means that I am a couple days behind here on my blog.
It is April,  and I wrote at length about my wellness issues and goal for the year back in January (here).  My word of the year is “order” and one of the things that I want to bring order to is my health.  I have made huge strides in this area over the last four years in regaining my health.  I really am at the point that a lot of the questions I had about weird issues have all been answered now and I just need to put all the puzzle pieces together and make a plan of action.

I know I promised an update this month – well it is a mixed bag.  I don’t have anything major to report other than my gut health has improved because I have begun to incorporate fermented foods into my diet.  As my gut health has improved so has my micro-nutrient levels.  With that I am beginning to have more energy.  My vitamin routine is on point again.

I am right where I was wanting to be at the beginning of April when I planned to start working in earnest on my wellness goals.  Why April – well it gave me three months to work on some of those little things that needed to happen. It also is a natural “reset” point as it is really when the weather starts to change and with it my attitude about going outside for walks, bike rides and such.  It is still also early enough in the year to still see some substantial changes before year’s end.

This month I am going to work specifically on the following things:

Giving up soda.
Improving hydration.
Establishing a workout routine.
Weight loss.

I plan to update on my progress each Monday and would love to hear from you what you are doing.

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