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Letting Go: Setting Goals

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Setting goals is part of finding motivation which is something we discussed last week but because setting goals is so important to the process I thought it deserved a post of its own.  Goal setting is personal and everyone’s goals should be unique to their own needs, desires and personalities. Remember how I said last week that what works for one person as motivation will fall flat for another well same goes for setting goals.  Your goals should be a product of your motivations and in turn motivate you to…read more

Letting Go

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The topic for May that I had planned on covering, way back in January, couldn’t be more appropriate right now.  I am still processing letting go of someone I loved deeply and grieving.  I am also still working on letting go of objects in general which was my original intent for my Letting Go series for the month of May.  This month I hope to share a couple things with you.  My motivation and how to write your own motivators for letting go.  Setting decluttering goals.  The emotional side of letting…read more

Boy’s Spring-Summer Capsule Wardrobe

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My plan for a boy’s spring-summer capsule wardrobe for my son.  Right now we received a number of hand me downs and he has a lot more than this but this is what I would like to whittle it down to – roughly.  For both kids’ spring-summer capsules I only focus on enough nice clothes so they can look “presentable” in public – church, dinner out, vacation.   I don’t include their muck about clothes that I don’t mind if they get muddy or paint or whatever else.  That isn’t to…read more


Closet Tour

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Today, I thought I would give you a closet tour of the little closet I share with my husband.  We share this and the hall coat closet.  This closet is in the smaller “2nd bedroom” because we gave the kids the larger “master bedroom.”  We don’t need extra space to spread out a wooden train set or built a Lego village in our room.  As such we also ended up with a smaller closet.  It is exactly 4 ft wide…did I mention we share?  This is how it stays most of the time although my…read more


Love: Your Home

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Loving your home – something I could have included in loving yourself as well as in the loving others posts.  Loving your home is so vital to our well being as well as those who live with us. Loving Your Home is Loving Yourself A home full of clutter has been linked to an increase in cortisol (which can cause depression) and stress (which can cause all kinds of other health issues).  There have been some studies in the last couple of years but none of them with large numbers of data…read more


Loving Yourself

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Loving yourself isn’t a topic we talk about often.  I think to an extent we are taught, especially as girls/women that expressing a desire to care for ourselves or our own needs is selfish and not appropriate.  We are taught that we are to put others first to be liked and that our value is found in our ability to please others. There are a lot of dangers in that line of thinking that I am not going to get into.  I don’t advocate selfishness. If anything I advocate radical generosity; generosity…read more


Becoming Chic

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  I have mentioned capsule wardrobes in passing before ( in this post about Easing into Minimalism) even creating capsule wardrobes for my kids (here and here).  It is familiar concept to me bur for some reason I have had difficulty creating seasonal capsules for myself.  I have decluttered my closet, I have researched capsule wardrobe techniques, and scoured Pinterest.  Despite all of that I am no further along in pulling together a cohesive and stylish minimal wardrobe.  While I didn’t include it in my values based goals, I do…read more


2016! Happy New Year & What to Expect

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Happy New Year!!!   I hope 2016 is full of blessings, happiness and joy for all my readers! A New Year is a new beginning and just as I have set goals for myself for the year I have a direction that I want to take Minimal Intent.  It is still going to focus on minimalism and intentional living but I am hoping to let you see glimpses into my home and life.  What is 2016 going to look like? Well, it is going to look a whole lot like…read more


Naughty and Nice

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My last post in the 12 Posts of Christmas series.  We discussed this same topic before Christmas in my post, “Intentional Christmas: Making a List and Checking it Twice.”  Now that Christmas is over, but is still fresh in our minds, it is time to reevaluate what worked and what didn’t or the naughty and nice. So pull out your “naughty and nice” values lists you created and look at all the things you did over Christmas.  Does everything line up with your nice list and what would fit more in…read more


A Few of My Favorite Things

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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  I thought I would share a few of my favorite things from this Christmas season.  These are my top ten of things that made this Christmas our best so far. Family   Obviously, my favorite part of Christmas was spending it with these people. Christmas Pajamas Every year we open one set of presents on Christmas Eve – they are always new pajamas.  Yes, the kids love it largely because it is an established tradition. This year we went the matching route because…read more