Life Intentions

In my Personal Mission Statement Kit I mention a little about something I called Life Intentions.  I wanted to discuss that in a little more detail for anyone who is working on creating their personal mission statement.

As I mention in the kit that a personal mission statement should be a simple and easy to memorize and that individual life categories, pursuits and such deserve to have their own mini-missions or Life Intention created for them specifically.

Why do I recommend this?  Simply because too often we try to shape our mission to fit our situation instead of shaping our lives to fit our missions.  In the past I have worked in a variety of career situations (corporate, law firm, non-profit) hoping that each would launch me in a direction for my life – it didn’t work. Why? I was looking for a job to give me purpose instead of looking for a job that fulfills my purpose.

The areas of life that we will write up Life Intentions are things like: career, relationships, hobbies, volunteer work, etc.

Why separate these very important areas from a personal mission statement?  Because all of those areas in our life are easily subject to change.  If we base our mission statement on our career, what happens when we are laid off, disabled or retire? Our identity shouldn’t be defined by temporary situations.

Instead by creating a separate mini-mission for our career that takes its direction from our personal mission statement it allows our personal mission statement to remain a constant while reorienting specific areas in our lives as they change.

Life Intentions can be as broad or specific as one likes.  Mine fall into fairly broad categories: Love, Live, Grow, Faith and Steward.  I have some specifics under each category.  For example under Love, I include my marriage and service.

Here are my Life Intentions along with a recap of my Personal Mission Statement.


There is no right or wrong to creating a personal mission statement or life intentions.  If the categories I used above are too general make yours more specific.  If you notice right now I have no “career” slot in my life intentions.  I am currently a stay-at-home mom.

Our family has created a “Family Mission Statement” as well as a set of “Family Intentions.”  The process to create these is similar to creating a personal mission statement.  Considering that I am essentially the C.F.O. of our household and my work at home is my “career” at the moment the Family Mission Statement serves the function of my career life intention.  Any outside of the home job I get will have to meet my own personal mission statement as well as support our Family Mission Statement.  I will share about this in more detail in future posts.

Until then please let me know if there is an area or topic you would like to see me cover on this blog. Thank you!


Free Personal Mission Statement Kit

The FREE Personal Mission Statement Kit is ready for you to download!!!

This quote seemed fitting for a kit designed to help you begin to express your truest self.  My desire is that you will be able to write a statement that is is true to you and your core values so that you can begin living a life of intent. For my past posts on personal mission statements go here and here.

I have embedded the full FREE Personal Mission Statement Kit PDF file for you to preview or download or print or do with as you please.  I hope you find this kit meaningful and helpful.  I also hope that you will visit my Facebook page and share your personal mission statement in the visitor comments.

FREE Personal Mission Statement Kit

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