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April: Wellness

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I am finally recovered from the migraine of all migraines and have got caught up on life and with that means that I am a couple days behind here on my blog. It is April,  and I wrote at length about my wellness issues and goal for the year back in January (here).  My word of the year is “order” and one of the things that I want to bring order to is my health.  I have made huge strides in this area over the last four years in regaining my…read more


Love: Your Body

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I know discussed my wellness goals for 2016 last month but I feel really strongly that loving your body is even more important than showing yourself love by making your own time a priority.  This is why I split the two our health is the most important thing we have; without it we become less effective.  Taking care of yourself and your health are important for everyone because what happens when you get sick for one day?  Imagine that times 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years? From personal experience three years…read more


Loving Yourself

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Loving yourself isn’t a topic we talk about often.  I think to an extent we are taught, especially as girls/women that expressing a desire to care for ourselves or our own needs is selfish and not appropriate.  We are taught that we are to put others first to be liked and that our value is found in our ability to please others. There are a lot of dangers in that line of thinking that I am not going to get into.  I don’t advocate selfishness. If anything I advocate radical generosity; generosity…read more

Wellness Goals for 2016

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As part of the Be Bold 2016 linkup challenge we are being asked to share our wellness goals for 2016.  Wellness is one of my core value words and it is something that I do plan to talk about in more detail come April.  Until then, I will share a little bit about where I am at in my wellness journey and of course where I want to go this year.  Hopefully, by April I will be able to give you a good update on where I am at. In…read more


2016! Happy New Year & What to Expect

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Happy New Year!!!   I hope 2016 is full of blessings, happiness and joy for all my readers! A New Year is a new beginning and just as I have set goals for myself for the year I have a direction that I want to take Minimal Intent.  It is still going to focus on minimalism and intentional living but I am hoping to let you see glimpses into my home and life.  What is 2016 going to look like? Well, it is going to look a whole lot like…read more