Costumes From Your Closet

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Have you ever been invited to a Halloween party last minute?  Or want to dress up but don’t want to spend extra money, time, energy on a costume for yourself? Well then this post is for you – how to assemble simple costumes from your closet!

Little Black DressCostumes from Your Closet

More ideas for the little black dress:  1) Add a white button down and black cardigan and be Wednesday Adams.  2) Add a red cape and a picnic basket and be Little Red Riding Hood.

Black Suit and Bow TieCostumes from Your Closet

More ideas for the black suit:  1) Print out “I’m Sorry” sign and be a Formal Apology.  2) Phantom of the Opera half mask.

Black Maxi SkirtCostumes from Your ClosetMore ideas for black maxi skirt:  1) Add a belly dance coin scarf, gold hoops and head scarf and be a Gypsy.  2) Add a black sweater and studded dog collar and be a Goth.

White Button DownCostumes from Your Closet

More ideas for the White Button Down:  1) Add wide leg trousers, vest, tie and fedora and be “Annie Hall”.  2) Risky Business with some tube socks.

I will be adding new ideas for how to create costumes from your closet over on my Polyvore Collection here!

What are some ways you have used your wardrobe to create costumes?