Friday Faves: All Over the Map

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My husband has my camera…with most of the pictures I took during the week on it.  I didn’t know he was going to grab it but he did for what is my first Friday Fave for this week…which has been all over the map or solar system…

First up – my daughter’s “Space Play” where she played a planet in our solar system.  When I get the camera back this evening I will update with a picture of her in the play.  You should try to guess which planet she was.

That little girl also amused me this week with some doodles I found on some of her school work.  The doodles are on topic for the the worksheet about dinosaur fossils.  I love checking their weekly folders because often they have these little gems in them.

Other little things that have made this week a little extra special.

Finding things I didn’t know had been lost.  While we were at the school for the “Space Play”  I stopped by the massive lost and found table that the school has set out looking for the lunchbox the girl child lost.  When a little girl found my son’s denim jacket in the pile – I had no idea it was even missing.  We haven’t needed it because in general it has been warm.  Today’s weather isn’t as nice but at least we have his jacket back.

What I have been listening to this week:

Radiooooo is just fun.  You pick a country from the world map and a decade (1900-Now) and it plays a selection of music from that country and time period.   It is community driven so it relies on its users to help fill in the blanks and upload music they have. You can also “time-travel” with their Taxi function.  There is something fun and enlightening listening to what music was being created in different countries. I can see this having so many applications for teachers or homeschoolers.  I am completely in love with Radiooooo.  Today I have been in Russia in the 80’s,  Morocco in the 90’s,  India in the 1920’s and as I am typing I am in France during the 90’s.

So now when I say that my musical interests are all over the map, I am being quite literal.