Friday Faves: Colorado

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It is amazing how much difference a week can make.  I will get to the title Friday Faves: Colorado in a minute.  I want to say that my favorite thing this week by far is this:

My migraine – the one that ebbed and flowed for about nine days – is gone.  Happy dance!
A week ago my son had a single tooth that looked wonky hanging out in the center of what is now a beautiful gap. I love his little eyes when he smiles really big too…

I have been playing catch up this week with some housework, projects and writing work – I am a ghost writer (boo!).  My husband took the day off today as the kids were off from school and took them out for a hike.  Hence the title of this post.  Even though I didn’t go on this hike today – even in pictures the landscape doesn’t cease to take my breath away.  Also, my husband makes the list this week because he also washed the sheets today after taking the kids for a hike. 
I love that these kids are getting to grow up in such a beautiful place with so many opportunities to be in nature. I am just a little sad that I didn’t get to go on this hike – but there will be more this season for sure.

What I have been listening to this week:

Home by Dierks Bently because it is helping me through this election cycle – and likely will continue to be on my play list until November and…
Landslide by Stevie Nicks because it’s Landslide by Stevie Nicks and the children get older…enough said.

What I have been reading up on this week:  Color typing and figuring out my “color card”.  I will talk about this more at length in a future Becoming Chic post. Hope you have had a wonderful week and that your weekend is blessed!