Friday Faves: The Little Things

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The last two weeks are a little bit of a blur.  On April 19th my mom passed away.  I was in Amarillo, sitting in a rental car, in the rain when I got the news.  I left the day before trying to get to the hospital in time to say goodbye.  I was eight hours away from home (Colorado) and 12 hours away from “back home” (Rio Grand Valley, Texas). Her passing wasn’t a shock or surprise.  She was 82 and had pulmonary fibrosis.  Just as with my father’s death, two years ago, I am a mix of emotions ranging from sorrow and grief to acceptance and relief.  My Friday Faves I promise will be happy and will reflect the little things that made me smile during a hard couple weeks.

1. Texas Wildflowers.  That day after making it past the rain and entering Central Texas the wildflowers were blooming in all their beautiful glory.  Indian paintbrush and blue-bonnets, interspersed with other wildflowers yellow, pink, purple, and white, made quite a show.  It is something I miss about Texas – wildflowers stretching across and painting fields.  That day was full of scenes similar to this below.  This isn’t my photo by the way, I didn’t want to stop and I don’t snap and drive.  It is however by an amazing photographer, Rob Greebon (Images from Texas).  He really does capture what it is like to drive through Texas during wildflower season.

Source: Images from Texas, Photographer: Rob Greebon.

2. Kind Strangers.  From the sheriffs deputy who opted not to give me a ticket to the woman who paid for my meal in line.  Thank you both for your equal portions of grace and kindness.

3. A roadrunner running on the road.  It made me chuckle.  Meep…meep.

4. Solitude.  Being alone in a car is cathartic.  It gave me time to think and let go and forgive and enjoy silence.

5. The Radio.  I packed quickly and didn’t bring along any books on tape or download a road mix.  Instead I was limited to just the radio.  It was refreshing as many Texas radio stations play a variety of music and not just the same 40 songs on loop.  It was great hearing everything from Jane’s Addiction to Amy Grant – not on the same station mind you because that would just be weird.  It wasn’t just “top hits” either but some of the less often played songs that made me smile the most.  I couldn’t have come up with a better road-trip mix myself although I very well may write down the songs I can remember to ad to our mix for our road-trip in July/August.

6. Memories.  My sister’s and I went through a number of things.  I selected items to bring back home – a couple more pieces of jewelry, the “Great Books”, a lamp, some artwork.  As we searched for these items it dredged up a lot of old memories of both Mom and Dad.  Life certainly won’t be the same with out them here.

I am still unpacking both belongings and emotions.  As I get things more situated and organized I will share more about some of the things I decided to keep and why but that is for another Friday Faves.

I am not going to go back and try to catch up on wellness posts instead I will just carry forward with what I had planned for May. Thank you all for your patience during my absence.