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I mentioned earlier this week two blogs that started me on my minimalism journey (Becoming Minimalist and Nourishing Minimalism) today I would like to share some other inspirational blogs that have helped me stay the course, offered tips, and even some sartorial and home decor eye candy along the way.

Assortment – Carmella Rayone writes about how her family of 5 lives in a 665 square feet home.  My favorite regular feature is the series “With What You Have” where she shows how she makes do, mends, and upcycles items.  If you are looking for a blog about how a family does minimalism this is one of my favorites.

Be More with Less – This blog is written by Courtney Carver who is also the creator of the capsule wardrobe blog Project 333.  Be More with Less is also a blog about simplicity, minimalism, intentional living.  It often challenges me to take a second look at where I am at and where I want to be.

The Other Side of Complexity – I originally found this blog by Mike Burns through his wife’s blog (also on this list below).  Mike writes about simple and intentional living.  He offers great tips to create your best life now and helps the reader take a second look at the fundamentals of life – the stuff and perspectives we often dismiss as too basic or obvious.

Paris-To-Go – I don’t remember how I found this blog but it was instant love.  The author Ariana Schwarz has Celiac, a capsule wardrobe, an amazing apartment in Paris and blogs about it all and her minimal, zero-waste lifestyle.  Her blog is a good example of the sartorial and home decor eye candy I was speaking of earlier.  Minimalism doesn’t have to look like her apartment but it sure does offer a good deal of inspiration.

Reading My Tea Leaves – I have been a follower of Erin Boyle’s blog for many years…I think from when she first started her blog actually. Which would have been before I really considered minimalism for myself but her then tiny apartment was so pretty, simple and understated that I was instantly hooked.  She has tons of tips on living in small spaces in her series “Life in a Tiny Apartment” and I often blatantly copy some of her ideas in my own apartment.  She also has a great series “Baby Proof” on minimalism with a wee-one.

So They Can Fly – Written by Jen Burns (the blog that led me to The Other Side of Complexity) So They Can Fly is all about raising kids intentionally and preparing them for adulthood.  I discovered her blog by accident when I was searching for resources to help my kids declutter their own space and I found one of her books on Amazon.  I fell in love with her blog and have a couple of her posts bookmarked for reference.

Zero-Waste Home –  My pursuit of minimalism has a lot to do with Bea Johnson of Zero-Waste Home. I read about her about seven years ago and the seed was planted.  Initially what I though was extreme and impossible became an inspiration.  Zero-waste is an extreme version of minimalism but it is a great resource for ideas on eliminating plastic, removing the unnecessary and living with less.  I honestly don’t know if I will ever get my husband 100% on board with zero-waste but we haven’t purchased any paper towels in over two months now – which for my husband this is H-U-G-E!

Now it is your turn what are some of your favorite minimalism blogs?


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