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Minimal Intent:  The intent to commit minimalism as evidenced by minimal acts;  An intent to reduce excess belongings and recreate a Life in Order.

Welcome to Minimal Intent: Life in Order!

Hi!  My name is Sami Garcia.  Minimal Intent explores where minimalism and intentional living intersect and my own journey toward minimalism. Minimalism is the act of living with less for the purpose of allowing one to live more intentionally.  Intentional living is the practice of focusing your time, energy, and passions on activities and things that support your core values.

It is my hope that this blog will help you live a life with more intent and inspire you to consider reducing possessions and surrounding your self with only the things that have meaning and purpose in your life.

I cover topics that are central to my core values.

Intentional Living
Being Authentic
Creating Personal Mission Statements
Values Based Goal Setting

Easing into Minimalism
Letting Go
Minimalism with a Family

Pursuing Zero-Waste Areas in My Home

Ethical Consumerism
Becoming Chic Ethically
Resources for Ethical Shopping

I also post on things that bring me a great deal of joy and honor my other core values of beauty, relationships and creativity.
Capsule Wardrobes and Becoming Chic
Home Decor

Contact Minimal Intent

You can reach me via email at minimalintent(at)gmail.com.