Wellness Goals for 2016

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As part of the Be Bold 2016 linkup challenge we are being asked to share our wellness goals for 2016.  Wellness is one of my core value words and it is something that I do plan to talk about in more detail come April.  Until then, I will share a little bit about where I am at in my wellness journey and of course where I want to go this year.  Hopefully, by April I will be able to give you a good update on where I am at.

In 2013, I was diagnosed with “Severe Gluten Intolerance – Most Likely Celiac.”  That is as official as my Celiac diagnosis is going to get.  I decided at the time that the thoughts of eating gluten for 12 weeks straight prior to a biopsy of my small intestine sounds a little too much like torture.   Instead, I just eat like I have an official diagnosis.

Prior to 2013,  I had a myriad of symptoms that began shortly after my son was born in 2009.  It started with bloating, gas and other stomach ailments and progressed to dizzy spells, low blood-sugar, blackouts, blurry vision, forgetfulness, joint pain and some minor nerve damage. Almost all my symptoms have abated after following a gluten free diet.  I still occasionally will have some random pins and needles sensations in my fingers and toes and some joint pain here and there.  In general my health has improved drastically in the last three years.

I also have asthma – cough variant asthma to be exact.  I have had this since I was about 10 years old and it wasn’t an issue until my health started to tank thanks to the nutritional deficits created from Celiac.  The last three years I have really been focused on healing and seeing where my new “normal” was going to fall after all the dietary changes.  My lack of exercise as well as the nutritional deficits over a four year period of time wreaked havoc on my cardiovascular health, general health, mental well being, overall strength and weight.  It is a myth that Celiac is only a “wasting disease” in some individuals it triggers the “starvation” response and your body decides to not let go of weight.  All that baby weight from my last pregnancy is still hanging around.

Last summer I started an exercise program with a personal trainer who monitored my heart rate, blood pressure and pulse/oxygen levels.  It was eye-opening.  I was able to see a pattern as to why I would pass-out while doing high-endurance exercise.  I was able to slowly improve my endurance levels and resting heart rate and begin running again. I even lost a little weight.

The program ended and I stalled out a little.  Partly because I got an upper-respiratory infection and coughed to the point of ridiculous for about two months and partly because of the lack of accountability to anyone.  I am glad I am here because putting this out there makes me accountable to you and at least by April I will need to give an update on my progress on these goals.

Wellness Goals 2016

  • Cardiovascular Health
    • Improve Resting Heart Rate
    • Increase Endurance
  • General Health
    • Drink 8-10 Glasses of Water per Day
    • Improve Nutrient & Micro-nutrient Levels
    • Focus on Repairing Gut-Health
  • Fitness
    • Increase Strength
    • Improve Running Time
    • Establish Workout Routines
      • Running
      • Strength Training
      • Yoga
  • Weight
    • Reduce Weight

Some of these are obviously harder to track than others – repairing gut-health being a good example.  It is more of one of those things that I can feel an improvement as opposed to having a tangible way to demonstrate improvement.

I am loving Be Bold in 2016 because it is challenging me to dig a little deeper on some of my values based goals.  My wellness goals are a lot more specific and detailed now than they likely would have been.  Getting my health in order is just as important as getting my home in order.

I want to say thank you to the hosts of Be Bold in 2016 for helping me dig in a little more.
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